A Tough Job Made Simple!

We are proud to help reforest California thanks to you, and to our amazing partners at One Tree Planted, who take the actual hard work of planting on their hands, with high profile skills and proven track records planting over 4 million trees in 2020 alone.

A Meaningful Bracelet

In addition to a beautiful hand-crafted bracelet that embraces the spirit of nature, you’ll get a certificate to show you’re a fighter in the race to save the planet.

This bracelet is part of a special collection of branded items we've produced to celebrate and praise nature. Its unique design with WeHelpTrees crafted logo makes this bracelet very special and whenever you'll find someone else wearing it, you'll know they are fighters like you!

Display it with pride, show it off on your social media, and know you’re helping give the planet a fighting chance.

Bracelet Description:

  • Proudly hand-crafted
  • Recyclable materials
  • Fully adjustable - one size fits all
  • Zinc alloy branded WeHelpTrees logo


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