Our mission is to reforest our only planet and give back to our community.
That's why we help trees.

Climate change is real and we’re fighting it. We can’t standby and wait for someone else to take action.

That’s why we started WeHelpTrees. Trees are one of the biggest and easiest ways to make a difference in the fight against climate change. Trees pull and absorb gases out of the atmosphere. Those carbon dioxide emissions are the primary driver of global warming.

By helping us get these trees planted, you’ll be helping save the planet.

By planting more trees, we’re also saving animals and plant species on the brink of extinction. These animals and plants need a place where they can live, grow and continue to thrive. They hold everything we need to live. (Plus, Amur Leopards and Black Rhinos are cute.)

We — along with our partners at One Tree Planted — already have planted hundreds of trees in natural reserves and forests in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Brazil, Tanzania, Uganda, the Philippines, Australia and many other places. Our vision is to plant millions more.

Every time you buy a bracelet from WeHelpTrees, we fund the planting of a tree in your name. In addition to a beautiful hand-crafted bracelet that embraces the spirit of nature, you’ll get a certificate to show you’re a fighter in the race to save the planet. Display it with pride, show it off on your social media and know you’re helping give the planet a fighting chance.

We’re also contributing a portion of any profits to non-profit organizations that feed children in developing countries. No child should ever be hungry. This is a problem we can help solve.

Let your jewelry make a statement. Join us and be the change the planet is counting on!