"We are amazed to discover that there is always someone who needs what we all can give."
- Diana Crousillat, Executive Director at OLI Foundation

OLI means Organizing The Initiatives, (Organizando Las Inicialivas, in Spanish).

At OLI they firmly believe that there is no competition when it comes to working together with the common goal of helping others.

OLI's platform supports different organizations, private initiatives and humanitarian aid campaigns as a sort of "non-profits hub", generating smart connections between them, increasing the impact of their help and making sure that there is a comprehensive plan for every initiative.

OLI Foundation makes possible for WeHelpTrees to connect to the most suitable non-profit organizations and make our mission of giving a child a breakfast for every purchase happen.

Every time you order a bracelet you will be helping to plant a tree and to feed a child in need.

Thanks to amazing partners like OLI, we can achieve this meaningful mission!