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A Tough Challenge Made Simple!

We are proud to help reforest our planet thanks to you, and to our amazing partners at One Tree Planted, who take the actual hard work of planting on their hands, with high profile skills and proven track records planting over 4 million trees in 2020 alone.

DOUBLE Amount of Trees:

Two trees will be planted on your name at one of the most deforested places on earth. We currently plant trees in over 17 countries in 4 continents thanks to the efforts of our partners at One Tree Planted, who took this mission seriously and are an example to many institutions across the world!

On top of that, you will receive a digital certificate of contribution on your name, for your priceless help.

DOUBLE Amount of Meals:

Thanks to your purchase, two children living in poverty conditions in the Andes of Peru will have breakfast, which will help them grow healthier and stronger. We couldn't be able to do this without the amazing nonprofit partners we work with, OLI Foundation and