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A Tough Job Made Simple!

We are proud to help reforest our planet thanks to you and to our amazing partners at One Tree Planted, who take the actual hard work of planting on their hands, with high profile skills and proven track records planting over 4 million trees in 2020 alone.

A Meaningful Bracelet

We want to praise happiness with a basic and colorful bracelet that reminds nature... the sun, clear skies... water, trees, and warmth.

This is our simplest, yet most exciting bracelet to wear... it's perfect to show your positive everyday attitude, and help spread awareness about the importance of keeping our planet clean and shiny!

You can tell your friends and siblings that when you ordered this bracelet, you've helped plant a tree and helped a child in need in the Peruvian Andes of Puno, at over 10,000 feet height, have breakfast for one day.